SnakeGame2013 Tips

Utilize the mouse or arrow keys to move your snake. The space bar pauses the game so you can take a break. With every food item, the body grows and speed increases. Don't hit into the sides or you'll lose and have to start over. Don't run into yourself, which will make you loose. The longer you last, the more foods and bonuses appear. Keep an eye out for all foods and dont eat the scary ones.

2013 is the year of the snake game, so play all you want for good luck. Be sure to check your fortune too and see if 2013 wil be a year of greatness. According to ancient chinese lore, this reptile prefers to keep to itself and chill. It's also said to be extremely smart and calculating. Get in its way and you might get bitten! Weave your way through the chinese new year while cultivating good luck, health and fortune.

Snake Game 2013

Now is the time for snake game 2013 to bring you greater enjoyment. Pick your favorite game below and see if you get the high score. This free snake game was made for the 2013 chinese new year. This retro game brings fun and strategy into your life. Try and eat as much food as you can - each one makes your tail grow until the difficulty increases.

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It's 2013, so go ahead and enjoy these snake games and cultivate good luck for the new year. Check back often for updates and new features.