Green Snake Game Fun!

Use the mouse or arrow keys to move the snake and go through the city! The space bar pauses the game so you can take a break. Each time you eat, your tails grows longer and your speed increases. Don't crash into the wall or you'll lose and have to start over. Also try and avoid running into your tail, which will make you lose. Eat a smiley face and your power increases. Eat a rat and be great.

Green keeps snakes happy during colorless times. Still this day, they turn green with envy for just about anyone, but others enjoy the color. Even with our state of the technology, green is the preferred snake color.

Graffiti Snake

Green snake tends to hang out with brown snake and also yellow. Over time, the green snake was quite fun to be around. This made their green parties kind of fun, but many couldn't make it.



It's 2013, so go ahead and enjoy these snake games and cultivate good luck for the new year. Check back often for updates and new features.



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